Thursday 9.28

Spent the morning praying for our Ladies Paint Party tonight at Stache Studio. I am so excited about the diverse group of women coming tonight!

We had our first $20,000 commitment today towards 109 E. Taylor St. I have 3 meetings scheduled next week so be in prayer for each of those.

Cool story : I met with the guy who does all the graphics/visual media for the City of Griffin this week. He also owns a local apparel company called “Hill and Solomon.” We are working on a t-shirt collaboration between him and us for the launch of his pop up shop in November. In that conversation he asked me a lot of questions about City Church. At the end of us talking he made the statement “I have been praying for a long time for a church to come to Griffin to do what you guys are doing. You are doing it right, and I am excited to see what God does.”

Keep praying for the Movie in the Park. We had someone reach out this morning and say they want to possibly match the money that we raise for the families from Spalding Heights!

God is doing something big. I don’t want to miss what He is doing, because I/we are doing so much. God is going to building his church…I just don’t want to miss because I am trying to build mine. This is HIS church. I have been convicted this week that I really just desire to know Him more. In the midst of my doing I need to continue to BE and rest in being his son.

Josh Abernathy