Monday 9.10

I have been reading through and studying Psalm 133 and getting excited to talk about Unity & our next Leadership Value of being a “Team Player” this Sunday.

Updates on the Building Purchase :

  • Our real estate agent took one last walk through our potential building. We have gotten all the information together and are hoping to have an official signed contract on 109 E. Taylor St by Thursday.

  • On Thursday our CFR (Church Financial Resources) Construction Manager will be coming to walk the building to get a good idea of the scope of renovation and how we can maximize our resources.

  • Today I had lunch with someone very influential in the community and told him that I want to have $160,000 in hand (on top of our fundraising) in 60 days to pay for the building in cash and asked him to help me make it happen by his generosity and putting me in front of people that can help make it happen. He was very receptive and said he wants to help make it happen. We will follow back up on Friday.

We have stepped in and are helping one of the families that have been displaced from the fire at Spalding Heights. Her name is Caressica. She is a single mom. They are currently staying at the Baymont Inn. We were able to pay for her hotel through Wednesday and are looking for a longer term solution. Their biggest needs are housing & grocery store gift cards.


  • Caressica : Today we learned that her mom passed away last month so she is dealing with a lot emotionally.

  • Loren is on a Church planting spouses retreat from Tuesday through Thursday. Praying for rest, renewal and fun!

  • $160,000 in hand on top of normal fundraising in 60 days.

  • Get to 100 people on our Launch Team in 60 days.

Josh Abernathy