Being involved in student ministry for 10+ years, Josh and Loren learned the ins and outs of ministry, how its messy yet beautiful.  They were able to witness, first hand, lives being transformed by the message of Jesus.  Overtime as Josh and Loren continued to serve students at Momentum, they began to feel a strong tug at their hearts that God may be calling them into the journey of church planting.  After much prayer and discussion, Josh and Loren decided to take a step of faith and make their wrestling known to the Leadership of Momentum. Momentum committed to walk hand in hand with Josh and Loren as they began to step out into this journey.  

    As prayer and discussion continued, Josh and Loren felt that God had laid a certain area of Georgia on their hearts, an area that was literally ten minutes from their home.  This area was Griffin, Ga.  Once the area was determined, God quickly begin to unfold the vision for the church that Josh and Loren were to plant.  Based on two passages that God clearly gave to Josh and Loren (share passages here), the idea of City Church began to become a reality.  City Church would be the City of God for the City of Griffin, a City FOR the City.  This was it.  This is it.  This is what God is calling Josh and Loren and their three children to, to be a church that is actually for the city, a church that would stop at nothing see the message of Jesus change the hearts and lives of the people of Griffin, a church that meets people where they are, loves them for who they are, and fights for who they are created to be.